Being Racist is just Wrong

racism-wrongPeterborough City Councilno-racism2Our education and philosophy of thinking are two abstractions and targets that makes us be  better humans. The way we were educated and the way we educate ourselves are two different things, because one of these things means that we have control over what we believe; also what is right. But racism is just wrong. No matter how we look or what the color of our skins are; it does not mean that we should be define by that. For someone to go and judge someone else’s actions just because they have a different color is absurd. And for others to use discrimination and prejudice against others are just being cruel. Come on now; this is the 21st century, this is the period where we should be proud of ourselves for all things that we have overcome; so it is not the time to carry those same illogical ideas.Just because others look different does not mean that they are capable of doing less. Let me justify and rephrase that for you: if you go to the store and you were looking to buy some food, would you truly care about what the packaging looks like or what the food taste like? Sure, the packaging has to hold the ability of protecting what’s inside but it is not the reason why you bought your food. In my opinion; it is the same way for people, anything that we do, achieve, become, yet is not because of the color of our skin but it is about our knowledge, our goals, our education, our background and the gratitude for what we already  have.

The same way we articulate our words we (as people) should do the same when it comes to our mind, for those who believe in God and are racist at the same time are basically calling him a bad artist. After all, he (God) said that he created humans to his image, so who’s to say that God isn’t black nor others races. The true beauty of nature is the fact that everything is different, which means nothing has the same meaning. If you open your eyes and look nature, you will notice that every tree, flower, and plant are different. None of them are the same color, size, nor smell or beauty; and we are also part of that same nature. So why can’t some of us understand this part? The part where we are all the same,because there will be no way for us to measure, evaluate, nor define someone else’s beauty and capability.

In a way, I just wish that everyone was color blind, so they could only see the personality and quality that others carry inside them, but not the color of our skin. We need to act now by changing our way of thinking and educate ourselves and our children to truly realize the idea of making the world a better place because it is never too late.

And remember always dare to be free

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